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New England Ropes Multiline II Rope

New England Ropes Multiline II Rope

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Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope, its unique construction combines filament and staple/spun polyester wrapped around a polyolefin core (smaller than 1/2" diameter does not have polyolefin core). Multiline II feels and handles like manila, yet provides greater durability, higher strength, lighter weight, and a consistent supple feel over time. White only. #440-440
  • 1/2" - weight: 6.8 lbs/100 ft. with tensile strength of 6,000 lbs.
  • 5/8" - weight: 9.8 lbs/100ft. with tensile strength of 9,000 lbs.
  • 3/4" - weight: 14.5 lbs/100ft with tensile strength of 12,000 lbs.



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  • Polyolefin keeps line diameter up without adding weight.
  • Very little water absorption
  • Multiline II will not break down from UV exposure
  • Soft, spun polyester is added to the surface for better grip and chafe protection.
  • Medium Lay
  • Very little degradation from sunlight. Can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly.
  • Polyester has good resistance to most chemicals, except 95% sulfuric acid and strong alkalines at boil. Polypropylene has excellent resistance to most acids and alkalines, except chlorosulphonic, concentrated sulfuric acids, and chlorinated hydrocarbons at 160F. Additionally polypropylene withstands most diluted bleaching solutions.
  • Polyester melts at 480F with progressive strength loss above 300F. Polypropylene melts at 330F with progressive strength loss above 200F.
  • Good resistance to the passage of electrical current. However, dirt, surface contaminants, water entrapment, and the like can significantly affect dielectric properties. Extreme caution should be exercised any time a rope is in the proximity of live circuits.
  • Recommended sheave diameter to rope diameter is 8:1.
  • No blanket safe working load (SWL) recommendations can be made for any line because SWL's must be calculated based on application, conditions of use, and potential danger to personnel among other considerations. It is recommended that the end user establish working loads and safety factors based on best practices established by the end user's industry; by professional judgment and personal experience; and after thorough assessment of all risks. The SWL is a guideline for the use of a rope in good condition for non-critical applications and should be reduced where life, limb, or valuable property is involved, or in cases of exceptional service such as shock loading, sustained loading, severe vibration, etc. The Cordage Institute specifies that the SWL of a rope shall be determined by dividing the Minimum Tensile Strength of the rope by a safety factor. The safety factor ranges from 5 to 12 for non-critical uses and is typically set at 15 for life lines.

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